Bombshell of the Month

We have a treat for you this month. Here are some of Bombshell Creative’s very own bombshells! October is a month for cozying up with your sweetie at a bonfire or throwing on the jersey of your favorite team. These bombshells showed their team spirit at their shoots.

This month’s bombshell challenge is be yourself! Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. Dare to wear the little black dress that you’ve been nervous about or put on that hot pink lipstick you are hesitant about. Show off your inner bombshell by displaying fearlessness in your every day life.

Bombshell Creative

Bombshell Creative

Bombshell Creative

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s much sexier than any other body part. – Aimee Mullins

Can’t decide on an outfit? | Franklin, TN boudoir photographer



So you’ve committed to a shoot. Now you can’t decide on what to wear! Well there’s some good news- our packages are pretty customizable, and you can choose an option to add multiple outfits (or pick a package that offers that already!). And the outfits can be anything you feel comfortable or sexy in. Bombshell Creative prides themselves in making each session very unique. We are not a cookie cutter studio, and mold the photoshoot to fit your needs and wants. If you need any recommendations on lingerie shops-we have those to! 😉

R U ready for some fooooootballll? Nashville Boudoir Football Jersey

These Bombshells totally swiped their partners jerseys right out of the closet so they could sport them for a sporty Bombshell session. A few pins and clips later then…ta-da…sexy jerseys ready for photo fun! Both gals selected 4 of their favorite images and had them made into our signature coaster sets. What says football season better than a cold beer sitting on a “HOT” coaster! Grab a jersey and show some team spirit! Call us at 615-248-7815 for appointments.

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