Bombshell of the Month

Its that time again! We decided to give you the bombshell we know you’ve been waiting for. It’s the one and only Marilyn Monroe! This bombshell had it all. She had the curves, the pout, the hair, and (most of all) the attitude!

This month’s bombshell challenge is a big one. We want you to send us your bombshell! Did you put on that little black dress? Did you go full glam with your hair? Show us! Send your pictures to and next month see who all got featured on the page! We are excited to show the world our bombshells. Will you be one of them?

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. – Marilyn Monroe

Brides love pinup-themed bachelorette parties!

Want to hear what brides are saying about our boudoir bachelorette parties? Listen to this bride share her experience with our studio. She flew in all the way from Colorado to work with us! What a blast we had working with these girls. Thanks for an absolutely delightful day, ladies!

Testimonial from one of our amazing Nashville Bombshells

Lovely letter from one of our amazing, kind, and genuine Bombshells.  I will always remember this lovely lady and her boudoir photography shoot with us at Bombshell Creative.

“Ashley, Thank you so much for such an amazing, fun, and enlightening experience yesterday!  I have been looking forward to the shoot for a while now….and now that its over, I can’t stop talking about it!! Sarah did such an amazing job on my hair and make-up yesterday.  I told her that I wanted to be dramatic and the opposite of my usual self (plain jane), and she captured that beautifully!  When I first walked in the studio, I was nervous, thinking whether or not I could open myself up to the process…and I did, and you made that so easy.
It was so fun, and to see myself in some of those pics…I was thinking, “wow-I look good”!  haha  That last picture you captured of me, to reflect the Goo Goo Doll’s album cover….I was speechless….and had tears.  You have a gift Ashley…and thank you for sharing it with the world!
Its a really long story….but, I have been sober almost 5 years, and sometimes I live my life day to day, and think how grateful I am to be alive, and to have the life I have today.  When I looked at that picture that you took of me last, my heart filled with gratitude because 5 years ago, you would have seen no soul, and only an empty black hole.  To have captured that soul seeking picture yesterday, was probably my favorite, just b/c I used to be hollow and empty.
Thank you again so much for sharing your eye, and your gift to the world….I’m sure I’m not the only one grateful for your gift.”

Your shoe wardrobe: A primer for all bombshells

An important component of every boudoir shoot is the shoe. In fact, we’ve done several posts about shoes. Style Blueprint, One of our favorite local blogs here in Nashville recently put together a fabulous post all about compiling the perfect shoe wardrobe.

This “primer” isn’t necessarily about our favorite shoe colors/styles/types/etc….it’s more about making sure you’re equipped with the most important footwear staples for any occasion.

So what does every bombshell need in her shoe wardrobe?


BURAK UYAN ankle booties

Bachelorette Bombshell (Part 2) | Wedding Boudoir Photography

Just a TINY peek inside the future Mrs’ wedding gift to her future husband. If you decide to get a book from your Bombshell session, we customize/design it to fit your style & personality. In this case, the Mrs. is a graphic artist and designed the whole book herself! Pretty cool, right?